Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Summer is served


Imprinted in my memory bank from a glorious childhood, are the sounds, tastes  and smells of summer.

If anyone happens to open a bottle of suntan lotion - even in a grey European winter - it instantly transports me to summer. To sea sand, sunshine , seagulls..... oh and soft serve icecream on a wafer cone.

I so love the variety of sleep one can achieve lying on a beach under a sun umbrella on a glorious summer's day.It usually comes after reading some pages of an evocative novel - that sleep that is shallow but restorative - more like a doze - gentle with a muffled background soundtrack of waves breaking, children laughing and muffled conversation. It is just too decadently lazy and comforting. 

The only real downside is sunburn. I am particularly prone to skin damage - being extremely fair skinned.  If, after taking all the precautions against burning, the inevitable happens - here are some tips in managing sunburn aftercare :

- cool your skin as fast as possible with yoghurt, aloe leaf juice  or cucumber slices - it helps relieve the burning and stinging
- run a cool bath to soak in ,but add a few tablespoons of cornstarch (Maizena ), and baking soda to your bath water for further soothing
- take a pain killer to help ease the pain - aspirin or ibuprofen ( something with anti inflammatory properties )

And most importantly of all - MOISTURISE intensively

- rehydrate the skin with shea butter based products to avoid or reduce peeling  our Bee Range Sunburn Salve  is ideal for this containing the following actives :

* shea butter for skin softening, contains vit a, e
* beeswax for locking moisture in , anti-microbial, wound healing properties
* carrot oil to help stimulate and rejuvenate skin cells
* rosehip oil which  contains retinol and vit c to help repair skin tissue
* marula oil to help  reverse sun damage &boost cellular activity
* evening primrose oil containing  omega 6 and anti-inflammatory
* st john's wort for wound healing properties
* cape chestnut oil which is high in essential fatty acids & antioxidant
* aloe ferox to  stimulate cell renewaland to help soothe
* sweet orange oil which increases blood flow to skin surface
* lime oil as an antibacterial &  antiseptic
* neroli oil also an  antibacterial &  antiseptic & to help  soothe

 wishing you a happy summer 

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