Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our Green Moral Contract - biodegradable

Rain Artisan and Olive Oil soaps   are formulated to be fully biodegradable as they are 100% natural with no artificial chemicals or additives. Ideal for hiking and camping trips.


any soap that is used directly in a rock pool or stream , alters the surface tension of the water and the little water spiders and bugs can no longer use the rock pool.
So when washing , do NOT wash directly in a rock pool or stream - instead follow the good advice below

“The correct way for camping and hiking is to use your biodegradable soap/shampoo , collect water in a container, do your washing in the container and pour the water out at least 30m away from any river in a spot from where the soap residue will not be washed into the river by the first rain.

The rule is: allow nothing to get into the water which you are not prepared to drink yourself.  Such substance can destroy all live in a mountain stream; in addition, rivers are often farmers’ only source of drinking water”.  

Page 26 The SA Mountain Leadership Guide – a handbook for leaders of hiking and Mountaineering parties by Mountain Club of South Africa.

Soap for the Museum

Whilst  cleaning out cupboards and offices lately to make space for more desks and more 
people, I found a box containing my very first soaps I made in 1999. 
Fifteen years ago and guess what .............they are still perfect 

We have got a little more sophisticated over the years , but that same quality stands. 

Using only the very best raw materials we can lay our hands on  - to nourish and feed your skin