Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Another dodgy airline ............ not nearly as bad as Delta ( and here we are comparing the mighty USA carrier with a small African airline mind you ). But nevertheless challenging on the olfactory senses. Mine are so sharp at the best of times and in such circumstances, it is a curse. Not only is the airport in Addis Ababa dreadful - there is not a square centimetre allocated to non smokers. Smokers have free reign everywhere. Then comes the plane and the passengers who make use of such a low cost airline. They have no toilet training whatsoever. Truly. This is no exaggeration.
My survival mechanism is to close my eyes, nose and mouth, with masks sprayed with lavender oil, and to pretend I am somewhere else.


Just been in Asia, and guess what I spent one sunny morning doing ? I found a nice dentist and had my teeth cleaned ! It was a simple exercise with no necessity for understanding of each other's languages. After all , conversation is pretty limited when you have a mouthful of instruments ! And what a bargain price - for the price of a pizza and iced tea, I had my ivories tickled - and look how sparkling they are !