Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our Green Moral Contract - biodegradable

Rain Artisan and Olive Oil soaps   are formulated to be fully biodegradable as they are 100% natural with no artificial chemicals or additives. Ideal for hiking and camping trips.


any soap that is used directly in a rock pool or stream , alters the surface tension of the water and the little water spiders and bugs can no longer use the rock pool.
So when washing , do NOT wash directly in a rock pool or stream - instead follow the good advice below

“The correct way for camping and hiking is to use your biodegradable soap/shampoo , collect water in a container, do your washing in the container and pour the water out at least 30m away from any river in a spot from where the soap residue will not be washed into the river by the first rain.

The rule is: allow nothing to get into the water which you are not prepared to drink yourself.  Such substance can destroy all live in a mountain stream; in addition, rivers are often farmers’ only source of drinking water”.  

Page 26 The SA Mountain Leadership Guide – a handbook for leaders of hiking and Mountaineering parties by Mountain Club of South Africa.

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