Saturday, December 21, 2013

my out of office office - de oude bakkery stellenbosch

so this is where I meet with people and conduct business when out of my office. it is an enormously creative environment filled with smells of freshly baked bread and roasted coffee.

Max our perfume maker first introduced me to this place hidden down a little alley with no visible signage. I was enchanted and have made this place mine

their sourdough takes three days to ferment - I buy loaves as gifts

the atmosphere is endearing and charming

they have recently extended , added a deli, a butchery and a roastery. They now have a visible entrance off a prominent corner and a new name. dont ask me what it is - I still know this place as De Oude Bakkerj

farewell Father of the Nation

A sad time for our nation as we say goodbye to the man we all love so dearly - our beloved Madiba - who transformed our country and brought us peace and reconciliation. the ANC has never again had such a great leader .

The photo below is a beach collage - a tribute by the people of Durban

My personal favourite - Madiba comforts Helen Suzman