Thursday, July 28, 2011

Puff Adder Hotel

Just discovered to my horror - that there is a puff adder hotel /commune/ community living a mere one pace from where I park my car every day at the factory.

Some time ago, my staff saw a puff adder in that vicinity and threw rocks at her. By the time we stopped them and called the snake man , Mrs Puff Adder had been injured and had to go the vet.

Dr hazel gave me a dressing down for the fact that she has a few broken ribs and a ruptured spleen. He nursed her for 4 weeks and then she was set free in the local Bontebok National Park .

Now we have discovered that she was in fact only one of a "nest " of puff adders to who live under the flagstone at the front right tyre of my car. I can't help but wonder how close i have come to standing on a friendly puff adder when opening my car door in the dark.

Best part is, the snake man can't reach them in the nest and so we have to wait till they "un-hibernate" in the spring and then hope we can catch them and reloacte them to somewhere with a better view than my front tyre and my ankle.

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