Thursday, August 6, 2009

sharp nails,sharp heels, sharp tongues

Some days I find myself asking how I got into this industry of sharp nails, sharp heels and sharp tongues.
At heart this queen is a tomboy – happiest in jeans and tennis shoes, sun on my face, out in the bushveld in an open jeep scanning for game. If the truth be told, that is what wholly and entirely feeds my soul – pure unadulterated honest NATURE.
I am currently at that age where friends are turning into grandparents. Where faces are being tightened and tits sharpened. So, do I succumb ? Or do I sag gracefully and allow my character lines to tell my life story.
I do sometimes question what kind of advert I am for the products I make and sell.
My answer is Nature & Natural, Organic, Eco friendly & Biodegradable. No synthetics – only wholesome honest and true.

Winter essential: Wild harvested Baobab oil

There is a beautiful African folklore story about how the Baobab tree came to be African and also known as ‘the upside-down tree’. ...